With a Master's degree in Marketing Management, I excelled as the Head of Digital for Italy's leading Retail Investment app (Gimme5), and subsequently as a Growth Strategy Manager at Accenture Song. In this role, I led initiatives to enhance wealth management sales through digital channels, collaborating closely with marketing management at the leading Italian banking group. My approach is deeply rooted in data, driving my extensive experience in A/B testing, AI-driven Conversion Rate Optimization tools, and performance-based campaigns. Throughout my career, I have successfully managed a team of 7 resources.

Professional Experience

Accenture Song
2021 - Present

Growth Strategy Manager

In this role, I have been actively involved in one of Accenture Song's key partnership in Italy with the leading Italian banking group. This value-based partnership aims to assist the bank in defining strategic initiatives to transition financial services sales from traditional channels (such as branches or phone contact) to digital channels (website and app), achieving results that surpass growth expectations. Specifically, my responsibilities included:

  • Leading Wealth Management Bank: I crafted a strategic growth plan to enhance the acquisition of upper affluent clients within their digital wealth management platform.
  • Leading Retail Bank: As a Manager, I led the enhancement of digital sales in the Retail Investment sector by strengthening app and website channels, surpassing sales targets by 20%. Achieved a 223% increase in new investors generated through digital channels and a 13-percentage-point rise in the percentage of investors with active investments.
  • Additionally, I allocate a portion of my time to coordinating a European-scale initiative focused on managing pipeline projects to be sold by Accenture across the EMEA region.

    AcomeA SGR, Gimme5 App
    2019 - 2021

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Over the past three years at this company, I led the Marketing team with a strong emphasis on digital channels. In this role, I managed the marketing strategy for the two corporate brands.

  • AcomeA SGR (B2B): I oversaw the corporate website, conducted branding campaigns on targeted platforms (e.g., LinkedIn), and engaged partners and resellers through activities such as webinars and live events, resulting in increased brand equity.
  • Gimme5 (B2C): the objective of my team's activities was to expand the client base through a comprehensive, multichannel strategy. This approach led to unprecedented growth rates in the Italian fintech market, showcasing our team's ability to achieve remarkable results.
  • AcomeA SGR, Gimme5 App
    2015 - 2018

    Performance Campaign Manager

    In my role as the manager responsible for brand advertising campaigns, I achieved a significant reduction in customer acquisition costs through the effective application of advanced campaign management techniques.

    AI-Based Campaign Activation

    I seized the opportunities presented by machine learning to iteratively fine-tune our targeting, creative assets, and landing pages, resulting in a substantial reduction in acquisition costs.

    Management of Diverse Advertising Channels

    During my years overseeing performance advertising campaigns, I gained valuable cross-channel experience, experimenting within the ecosystems of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Apple, Amazon, Taboola, and Outbrain.

    AcomeA SGR, Gimme5 App
    2013 - 2014

    Content and Social Media Specialist

    My initial professional experience at AcomeA SGR was primarily focused on establishing the company's digital presence, which involved website content management, creating blog content, and launching social media pages for the corporate brands.

    The Fool
    2012- 2013

    Community Specialist

    In my very first professional experience, I interned with the theFool team, specializing in the management of large digital communities for clients such as television broadcasts, general-interest magazines, and sports pages.


    Polimi Graduate School of Management

    Master's in Marketing Management

    I obtained a master's degree in marketing management from Polimi Graduate School of Management, a part of Politecnico Milano (1863). Key modules included: Brand Management, Marketing Metrics, Market Research, CRM and Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing Plan, and Growth Strategy.
    Università Statale Milano

    Bachelor's Degree in Political Science

    I earned my bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Milan, with a focus on key modules such as Political Science, Communication, Economics, Law, Statistics, Sociology, and Psychology.

    Main Skills

    Leadership and Team Management
    Budget management
    Branding and Reputation Management
    Growth and Digital Marketing Strategy
    Analytics and Data-driven Decision Making Suite
    Email Marketing Automation
    Content Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    SEO and SEM
    Influencer Marketing and PR
    Affiliate Marketing
    Partnership Development


    Italian (Mothertoungue)
    English (Upper intermediate)

    Main interests

    Digital and Innovation
    Finance and Economy
    Alpinism and Hiking

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